Our expertise


Every day, through innovation, we create the future in beauty
For us, passion is synonymous with creation. Every day, our research teams are driven by the same energy for innovation. In our R & D department, more than 500 formulas are developed each year, of which nearly 40% get to the market. Our teams create bottles and packaging, noticed and acclaimed by consumers worldwide.


Every day, through strict control, we ensure beauty is safe
Traceability is the key word. We strictly control all manufacturing processes and logistics. In our specialized factories, we produce cosmetics, wipes and perfumes.


Every day we sell our brands across 5 continents
Our sales and marketing teams travel the world every day to present and promote our ranges and our innovations, boosting sales by attractive promotional campaigns, and increasing the turnover of our customers.


Our passion, we share it
  • With retailers’ brands (private label)
    • By providing expertise with our technological know-how
    • By supporting our partners on international regulations
  • We manufacture products in B to B for large national and international groups, both for Mass Market and for Selective distribution : bottles, refills, tubes, jars and wipes.