Made in France

A French family story

A family-run business for three generations, Sarbec Cosmetics is based in France and has three production facilities and a research and development laboratory that specialises in formulation and is geared towards product innovation.

As a firm believer of ‘Made in France’ quality and know-how, Sarbec Cosmetics invests in France and in local production.

Sarbec has also chosen to use a 100% ‘Made in France’ approach for products under its brands, Corine de Farme, Institut Phyto, Jacomo and Inessance Paris.


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An eco-friendly approach 
Contracted to use eco-friendly manufacturing processes, the brands targeting the Eastern European market (Mrs. Potter’s, Romantic, Online) have their products made at the Poznan plant in Poland
This production facility, which was entirely renovated in 2019, develops and manufactures to order for our clients’ brands (cosmetics: lathering agents; lotions, emulsions, balms, oils, exfoliants, etc.).