Our commitments

Our CSR policy

Our mission to ‘empower’ everyone to protect and take care of their body’ is directly linked with the protection of our planet. Our family business decided to endorse the sustainable development goals set by the UN at the 2012 Rio Conference on Sustainable Development.

The UN has set 17 goals for 2030. They give us the direction to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. These goals answer to the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, peace and justice.


Finding the 17 UN sustainable development goals

Our goals

Our goals

Our objectives are linked to the objectives of the UN:

  • Generate a superior, profitable and sustainable growth
  • Develop a committed brand
  • Preserve the planet and renew its resources
  • Participate to the evolution of Cosmetics
  • Being a B Corp certified company by 2025
1 / Generate a superior, profitable and sustainable growth

To achieve this goal, our operational roadmap is structured on 3 priorities:

  • accelerate our growth
  • constantly improve our productivity
  • allocate our resources efficiently
2 / Develop a committed brand

Young generations expect concrete improvements in the cosmetics industry. At Sarbec, we know that our brand Corine de Farme has embodied these values since the beginning and that scientific developments allow us to offer the best experience to our consumers while having a positive impact on the environment.

3 / Preserve the planet and renew its resources

This objective sums up our ambition to change the rules by prioritizing positive solutions for the planet. We will engage our customers in favor of a sustainable supply of our ingredients and a better circular economy of our packagings. We will go even further in our ambition to protect resources. We will take part in the fight against climate change by implementing positive carbon solutions to make our entire cycle carbon neutral by 2050.

4 / Participate in the evolution of cosmetics


A cosmetic revolution is happening and we have chosen to put ourselves at its service. We will succeed by relying on the expertise of our teams, our suppliers, our distributors, our customers and partners, but also with civil society, governments and public health professionals.

 Together we will be able to create solutions to change the way we produce, sell and consume.

“Today, together, we want to be recognized as one of the committed players in the cosmetics industry. “

5 / Be a B CORP certified company in 2025

Our ambition is to become a B Corp company by 2025, this ambition expresses our commitment to create sustainable value.


Today, companies and their brands have to demonstrate the interests that they really serve. B Corp certification is a mark of authenticity for companies with high standards of social and environmental performance.


B Corp was founded in the United States in 2006 and rapidly gained awareness around the world. This movement shares the desire to inspire the cultural change necessary to redefine the concept of economic success. There are now more than 2,300 B Corp certified companies in 50 countries.
The B Corp certification is issued by the non-profit organization B Lab to companies that demonstrate high standards of social and environmental performance.