The power of science for better results

Nature & science combine for results that are effective but kind and gentle on skin and hair.

Institut Phyto has been developing hair, face & body care products for three generations, combining the power of science with natural ingredients.

The brand’s personal care products are enriched with natural active ingredients including:

  • micro-encapsulated active ingredients containing fatty acids from plants.
  • natural protein extracts with restorative properties that prepare the hair for the effects of the plant-derived ingredients for better results.
An anti-lice range

In 2013, Institut Phyto developed an anti-lice product range with new, natural and mechanically acting formulas that have been proven to work and are gentle on the scalp.

These formulas are made up of 99% naturally sourced ingredients and are enriched with virgin coconut oil, a true natural active ingredient.

No chemicals, parabens or silicon.

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The natural solution to combat lice

The hair care brand Institut Phyto combines expertise with natural ingredients.
To effectively ward off lice and nits, Institut Phyto has developed an insecticide-free and coconut-oil enriched treatment…

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