For naturally beautiful hair.

The age-old knowledge of the power of plants.

Mrs Potter was a British lady living in the 19th century who had a passion for botany and herbal remedies. She was especially interested in how plants could be used in skin and hair care beauty products.

She used plants and flowers to reinvent the more traditional treatments around at the time and eagerly discovered the positive effects these new ingredients had on skin and hair. Towards the end of the 19th century, she mixed her first plant-based decoction for use as a hair wash, which several years later would become the brand’s first shampoo..

Mrs Potter’s expertise gave rise to a complete hair care range, suitable for all hair types.

Hair care expertise

Today, Mrs. Potter’s offers a comprehensive range of shampoos, lotions and hair masks made from traditional, plant-based recipes.

Each collection is designed to meet the needs of different hair types:


  • Hydration to grant silkiness and shine for normal hair
  • Restoration for dry, brittle hair
  • Colour protection for coloured hair
  • Volume for limp, tired hair
  • An anti-dandruff formula to combat dandruff

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Mrs. Potter’s Triple Natural Power: the new natural hair care range

A comprehensive range with no SLES, SLS, silicones or mineral oils.
100% plant-based formulas made up of over 90% naturally sourced ingredients.
Active plant-derived ingredients together with more than 45 years of experience in natural hair care products.

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