An iconic brand since 1953

One of the most iconic brands in history
Playboy provides a global audience with content, events and experiences and a range of consumer products.
Through these three areas, Playboy interacts with consumers in many ways: through digital content, print, film and television, geo-located events and also an unrivalled merchandise presence. Six decades later, what began as a smart, sophisticated and playful men’s magazine has evolved into a global media and lifestyle brand with a media presence in more than 27 countries, food, beverage and gaming experiences, and annual retail sales of more than $1.5 billion of Playboy merchandise in 180 countries.
Trendy Fragrances
for Women & Men
The Playboy range of women’s fragrances brings out the sensual, desirable and powerful woman in everyone. “VIP”, “Queen Of The Game”, “Play It Sexy”, “Endless Night” and “Super Playboy”: fragrances that highlight every facet of the immense mosaic that is femininity.
The Playboy men’s fragrance range brings out the classy, desirable, confident man in everyone. “VIP”, “King Of The Game”, “Endless Night” and “New York”: fragrances showing a different vision of masculinity!

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Discover The Club by Playboy

For more than six decades, Playboy has promoted sophistication, art, music and pop culture while defending individual expression and freedom. From its inception, the brand’s aim has been to unite people around a plural and hedonistic culture. Elegance and assertive seduction are its defining characteristics, so it was only natural that Playboy quickly made its […]

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