Discover The Club by Playboy
For more than six decades, Playboy has promoted sophistication, art, music and pop culture while defending individual expression and freedom. From its inception, the brand’s aim has been to unite people around a plural and hedonistic culture. Elegance and assertive seduction are its defining characteristics, so it was only natural that Playboy quickly made its way into perfumery.
Attraction and seduction are the words that best characterise Playboy fragrances. Subtle and attractive fragrances that enhance the wearer’s sex appeal.
Playboy is proud to present its 2 new men’s fragrances: The Club Blue Edition & The Club Black Edition.
The Club Blue Edition by Playboy is an Eau de Toilette designed for sophisticated men who like to take on the challenges and laws of attraction. A fresh and modern fragrance that will be your ideal seduction ally for this summer.
The Club Black Edition by Playboy is a modern and timeless fragrance designed especially for city dwellers who like to enjoy the nightlife until the early hours of the morning. Its oriental and spicy notes underline its character and will reveal your power of seduction.
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