Passion for beauty

About us

Sarbec Cosmetics is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets cosmetics, disinfectants and fragrances.

We produce 140 million products per year sold worldwide.

Our Mission

To allow everyone to take care of and protect their bodies.


Our Vision

Our company is a guarantee of stability and independence.

Research and innovation are the key words of our daily lives to satisfy our consumers around the world.

We believe in sustainable development and in the need to do our job while preserving the beauty of our planet.

Our Values

Passion: We are passionate, committed, enthusiastic and we love what we do.

Creativity: Creativity and innovation are embedded in our genes. The changes we are constantly making for the well-being, beauty and health of our consumers are stimulating.

Continuous improvement: Our mind is open to the best practices in the world. We like to progress and improve. We wake up with the desire to do well and better every day.

Responsibility: We believe in our mission to allow everyone to take care of their bodies and protect them while preserving the beauty of our planet.

Values that drive the daily lives of all of us.