Hygienet: the range of personal hygiene products for seniors suffering from incontinence

According to the French Association of Urology, on average urinary incontinence affects one in three women aged between 70 and 75, almost 7% of men aged 65, and 28% of men aged over 90. Incontinence comes with ageing, which naturally causes the muscular fibres of the bladder and sphincters to degenerate.


Sarbec Cosmetics has developed a special range of personal hygiene products for seniors suffering from incontinence:


Wet wipes

Hygie’net wipes are dermatologically tested.

They gently and effectively cleanse the skin between every pad change.

Specially designed for sensitive skin, Hygie’net wipes leave skin feeling clean, fresh and healthy.


No-rinse body cleansing lotion

The Hygie’net lotion is a no-rinse formula to cleanse the body.
Enriched with moisturising agents, it cleans and nourishes the skin.

Alcohol and soap-free, the Hygie’net body cleansing lotion is the best choice for sensitive skin.


Zinc oxide ointment

The Hygie’net zinc oxide ointment is enriched with glycerin and panthenol to help prevent and soothe skin irritation.

Zinc oxide works to create a protective barrier against aggressive substances.





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