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Men and women at the centre of the company

INdex professional quality Men/Women
The professional equality index is the extension of the policy of equal treatment in professional matters between women and men, and aims in particular to close the pay gap observed in France, which is almost 30% with similar skills and experience…. The famous “glass ceiling”.
The Index, based on 100 points, is calculated from 4 to 5 indicators depending on whether the company has fewer or more than 250 employees:
  • The gender pay gap,
  • The spread of individual increases,
  • The difference in the distribution of promotions (only in companies with more than 250 employees),
  • The number of female employees increased upon return from maternity leave,
  • Parity among the 10 highest salaries.
For a company such as ours, which has more than 54% of women in its workforce (as of 31 December 2019, at SARBEC), with women in all phases of professional life (young people, young mothers, the most experienced who can reach management positions), this is a very important factor! But if we only had men, the index would be calculated the other way round: i.e. there must be no preferential treatment according to a particular gender. No. All on the same footing!
Calculation of the professional equality index
Men - Women



Laboratoires Sarbec, index calculated on 2019 values.
  Calculable indicator (1=yes/0=no) Indicator value Points awarded Maximum number of points of the indicator Maximum number of points of calculable indicators


1 – Pay gap (in %)



3,6 36 40 40

2 – Differences in individual increases’ (in % points)



0 20 20 20

3 – Difference in promotions (in % points)



4,7 10 15 15

4- % of employees increased on return from maternity leave (%)



100 15 15 15

5 – Number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid employees



4 10 10 10

Total calculable indicators


    91   100
Index (out of 100 points)     91   100