The inauguration of our production site in Neuville-en-Ferrain served as a reminder of our ambition, which is not to be the best company in the world, but to be better for the world.

By investing 25 million Euros, we have taken up the challenge of reconciling productivity and ecology through innovation, ultimately creating more than 150 jobs. We are continuing our development by improving the working conditions of our employees while strengthening our actions aimed at reducing our environmental footprint, with the objective of being carbon neutral by 2050.

Surface area and production capacity doubled
By doubling the surface area of ​​its northern site to 50,000 m2, Sarbec Cosmetics has also doubled its production capacity, from 80 million to 160 million units per year. On all of its four production sites, the group now has a total capacity of 250 million products per year.

An eco-responsible approach
The new workshop in Neuville-en-Ferrain was designed to produce eco-responsible packaging and products. It is thus now able to offer wipes made of a compostable vegetable fiber as well as bottles of vegetable origin, made from a biosourced raw material from recycled vegetable oils, and recyclable.

A reduced carbon footprint
The new site is part of a process to reduce the carbon footprint thanks to concrete actions: energy impact reduced by 20% thanks to its high-performance equipment, energy consumption divided by three in winter thanks to a heat recovery unit, 80% reduction in energy consumption with low-consumption lighting.

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