The Brumisateur® evian® facial spray: a real beauty ally

The Brumisateur® evian® facial spray: by your side, all day long:

Use it in the morning instead of hard tap water to gently reawaken your skin. This can help to relieve puffiness under the eyes and hydrates the face.

The Brumisateur® evian® facial spray is your IDEAL beauty ally for perfect makeup, every time!

Used and recommended by professional makeup artists, this spray can also set makeup for longer wear.

Simply spritz the mist lightly on your face after you have applied foundation and leave to dry for a few seconds. The fine mist removes any excess makeup and evens out coverage for an ultra-natural look!

During the day, spritz on the mist to revive faded makeup in an instant.

This spray makes for the perfect final step in your makeup removal routine and helps to eliminate any oily residue that some makeup removal products can leave behind.

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