“Allow everyone to take care
of their body and to protect it,
while preserving the beauty of our planet.”

“The mission that I share with all the collaborators.”
Eric Jacquemet – CEO


We subscribe to the sustainable
development goals set by the United Nations.


Our ambition is to become
a B Corp company by 2025.

« Not to be the best company in the world
but to be a better company for the world »


About us

SARBEC Cosmetics has been developing, manufacturing at its production facilities (three in France and one in Poland) and marketing skin care and beauty products, wipes and perfumes for three generations.

Here at SARBEC Cosmetics, passion goes hand in hand with creation. Every day, our research and development teams are driven by the same energy: innovation and customer service.
Over 500 powerful, effective formulas are prepared every year in our R&D laboratory for our brands (Corine de Farme, Institut Phyto, etc.) and our clients’ brands. Our teams create cosmetic products and perfumes that are renowned and in demand by consumers from all across the world.
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Your partner
in industrial subcontracting

Cosmoprof Bologne
from 10 to 13 March 2022
- 2021, 18th March -

Cosmoprof Bologna is the annual international meeting for Sarbec. With more than 250,000 visitors including...

Our news


Quick’Net is a brand specialized in disinfection that owe its expertise to 50 years of experience in this field from our professional brands for hospitals and the healthcare sector.
Quick’Net offers biocidal formulas meeting the requirements of European standards in terms of surface and hand disinfection. The brand develops high quality formulas formulated under pharmaceutical control and clinically tested.

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Our brands & licenses

Entreprise familiale française depuis 3 générations
4Sites de production
3Sites logistiques
600Collaborateurs dans le monde